Developments in Bermuda Arbitration Law – 2010

Synopsis: In last year’s edition of Global Arbitration Review we reported Bermuda’s continued development as a sophisticated international arbitration centre, especially for the (re)insurance industry. The past year has seen more and more class 4 (re)insurers writing policies containing Bermuda arbitration clauses and an increase in the number of (re)insurance arbitration disputes, possibly reflecting premium increases. The Bermuda Commercial Court has further demonstrated its desire to support two key areas of arbitration law and practice: parties’ agreement to arbitrate and the arbitrator appointment procedure. As discussed towards the end of this article, the European Court of Justice’s February 2009 decision in The Front Comor has represented a move away from English arbitration in favour of Bermuda arbitration.

Authors: Jan Woloniecki and Peter Dunlop

Available: Published by Global Arbitration Review in association with Attride-Stirling & Woloniecki.

Article: The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2010

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