“O’Neill & Woloniecki’s “The Law of Reinsurance” (4th Ed. Sweet & Maxwell)”

The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda

The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda offers a comprehensive guide to both the substantive law and practice in this complex area of law.

It is a definitive reference source for practitioners, covering general principles of the reinsurance contract, examining particular reinsurance agreements in detail, and all relevant areas of agency law. Procedural issues in reinsurance litigation and arbitration are also covered.

• Covers the law in both the major reinsurance centres: London and Bermuda
• Analyses the underlying general principles of reinsurance
• Examines reinsurance agreements and their relation to the original insurance contract
• Examines the interpretation of reinsurance contracts and the grounds on which a reinsurer might deny liability
• Deals with particular types of reinsurance agreement, such as marine and financial
• Considers intermediaries and all relevant areas of agency law
• Deals with the procedure of reinsurance litigation and arbitration
• Looks at conflict of laws issues in reinsurance disputes
• Incorporates recent case law
• Covers the prospect of insolvency and reinsurance liquidations
• Discusses the regulation of reinsurance.

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“The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda, 4th Edition”
by P.T. O’Neill and J.W. Woloniecki

from Sweet & Maxwell

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