• First Atlantic Commerce Ltd v The Bank of Bermuda Ltd [2007] Bda LR 4 – construction – security for costs – re-re-re-amend Statement of Claim – application for disclosure – whether split trial should be ordered – estoppel
  • First Atlantic Commerce Ltd v Bank of Bermuda Ltd [2007] Bda LR 70 – application for costs – action agreed by both sides no longer to be tried – discontinuance – indemnity costs
  • First Atlantic Commerce Ltd v The Bank of Bermuda Ltd [2007] Bda LR 36 – security for costs by insolvent plaintiff – whether improper use of court proceedings to effect ulterior purpose – undertaking by parent company
  • Walsh and Taal v Horizon Bank International Limited (in liquidation) [2008] Bda LR 22 – costs – indemnity basis – application against liquidator personally – whether exceptional circumstances
  • Munib Masri v. Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL, Teyseer Contracting Company WLL (Intervenor) [2009] Bda LR 6 – reciprocal enforcement – security for costs – jurisdiction to order costs against a non-party – application for immediate payment of legal costs – fortification of undertaking
  • Shawn Knight v. Dwight Warren et al [2010] SC (Bda) 20 Civ – construction dispute – contract (oral and written) – breach of contract – payment into court – costs
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