“O’Neill & Woloniecki’s “The Law of Reinsurance” (3rd Ed. Sweet & Maxwell)”

The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda

First Edition was Awarded the 1998 British Insurance Law Association Book Prize

“Ultimately the law of reinsurance is concerned with giving effect to the wording of contracts that the parties have agreed, sometimes to the surprise of their advisers! Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, although a favourite source for English Judges since 1942 when considering the meaning of words, does not always give the best help. In future practitioners, whether commercial or legal, will have the far greater benefit resulting from the enormous industry of Terry O’Neill and Jan Woloniecki in the form of ‘The Law of Reinsurance’. I am sure that the book will serve us well.” Mr. Justice Aikens

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“The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda”
by P.T. O’Neill and J.W. Woloniecki

from Sweet & Maxwell

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